The Wild Eight Patch Notes Detailed; Adds Easy Mode, Game Wiki, and More

If you like survival games, The Wild Eight might before you. The recently released title from developer Fntastic and Eight Points has players surviving an unforgiving game set in Alaska.

The Wild Eight is currently on Steam Early Access, however, it has been getting overwhelmingly positive reviews thus far. This led the developers to be hard at work to help fix and improve the game in many ways.

Check out the new patch notes down below:

Patch v0.3.4 Changelog:

* Easy Mode Available! In this mode the effects of hunger and cold are reduced. All learned skills and structure levels are retained when you die.
* Multiplayer – Fixed bug with unpickable items if the host before the creation of this server has got a “Connection Error”
* Now the confirmation window will pop-up when you will try to delete the save file
* Additional Medkit was added to the start position
* Increased amount of lootable items in the side quest “Dark Matter”
* Added 100%-death zone at the bottom of canyons
* More stuckable places were fixed
* Fixed Rabbit’s item drop rate (+ no Mutant Claws anymore)
* Fixed a bug when after loading the game inside of the bunker the character was getting cold
* Small visual and audio improvements

Check out the gameplay overview down below to get a sense of how The Wild Eight plays:

The Wild Eight is currently available on Steam via early access.