Controversial Indie Genital Jousting Gets Date Night Update for Valentine’s Day

Genital JoustingĀ caused quite a stir when it released last year, not releasing for Australian and New Zealand audiences due to its sexually suggestive content. Now, the party game described as an “acclaimed consensual detached-genital intercourse simulator” is receiving new two player game modes, which are highlighted in the trailer below:

The update brings six new romantic activities which are technically designed for two players, but also support local and online multiplayer, including: dog-walking, eating spaghetti Lady and the TrampĀ style, and ‘Netflix and chilling’. Publisher Devolver Digital went into more details in a post on the official Steam page:

“Potential lovers will be now be able penetrate each other while picking aromatic roses, bowling and even in the midst of a romantic picnic for two via the latest update out on Steam today.”

Genital JoustingĀ is normally available for $4.99 USD, but will be accessible for half price until February 19 in celebration of Valentine’s Day.