Haunted Shooter ‘Phantom Halls’ Will Give You Goosebumps

London based studio Incendium’s got a ghastly, squad based survival horror up their sleeve, and it’s officially been greenlitPhantom Halls follows a group of teens who enter a haunted house and encounter a procedurally generated slew of enemies.

It’s been described as Worms meets Spelunky, and promises the following gameplay essentials:

  • Multi-level mansion layout to explore – Retrace your steps with new items and abilities to unlock new areas and conquer adversaries previously blocking your path.
  • Varied level design – Scrolling levels, outdoor levels, platforming elements, and a variety of pitfalls and deadly drops will ensure varied gameplay that keeps throwing curveballs.
  • Winding corridors and vast hallways – Discover a bizarre assortment of rooms, follow a ghostly melody to the music lounge, face diabolical creations in the laboratory, gear up in the armoury, and try not to end up on the menu in the banquet hall!
  • Unique passive skills and abilities – For 12 playable characters, over a dozen enemy types and a myriad of mini-bosses to face before you reach the master of the house for the ultimate showdown.
  • Infinite replay value – Procedurally generated mansions, each with a unique evil presence to discover and defeat. Name generation for mansions, manors, halls, and masters and mistresses to ensure a record of your escapes, triumphs, and defeats.
  • Customisable weapons, traps, potions – Enrich the looting experience and allow personalisation of your play style. Survivors of each mansion can continue on to the next conquest with all the gear they’ve amassed.

Phantom Halls is set to release as part of Steam’s early access program on March 13th.