Survival Shooter ‘Lost Region’ Comes to Console With a Sweet Graphics Overhaul

Powered by the magic of Unreal Engine 4, Farom Studio’s upcoming action survival game ‘Lost Region’ is actually a revival of Bad Day, a multiplayer shooter designed for iOS devices. After a member from the development team left, the game underwent a name change, but not a change in content.

Lost Region promises players an adventure through an expansive world, teeming with beautiful, high-res graphics, an updated frame rate, and much more:

  • Large world to explore – You will be able to explore every building and visit any corner of the world with area over 64 sq/km, to loot supplies and the necessary tools to survive.
  • Ability to create clans together with your friend or to join to already existing groups – Bandit groups, research teams and mercenaries are trying to survive in new cruel world.
  • Wide spectrum of buildings – from little house to huge base with other players and NPCs. Capture, protect, create, destroy. You cannot survive in this world being homeless.
  • Choose your path – Bandit, Mechanic, Soldier or just an adventurer. Only you choose your destiny. Do all the best to survive in this world.

An alpha build of Lost Region will be shown on February 20th, so make sure to stay tuned to Farom Studios on Twitter and Facebook.