Fallout 4 has Become Bethesda’s Best Selling Game of All Time

Fallout 4 just surpassed Skyrim to become Bethesda’s “most successful” game in the company’s history.

Appearing on the Kinda Funny Gamecast, Bethesda marketing executive Pete Hines said, “Fallout 4 has gotta be the most successful game we’ve ever launched in our company’s history. More than Skyrim, in terms of what we did.”, still though, it is unclear what Hines means by “most successful.” – it could mean most succesful in creation with regards to coding and design, or succesful in terms of sales.

Also during the interview, Hines responded to the critique that Fallout 4 did not do enough to set itself apart from the other Fallout games. He agreed that the game shares commonalities with Fallout 3, but said when it came to sequels to goal was to retain the core concept, while pushing forward new content with the sequels. He compared the Fallout franchise with the Uncharted franchise, stating that that was what they aimed to do.

“If you played Uncharted 4 and that was your first game, I think you have a very different reaction to what that game is than if, like me, you played 1, 2, and 3,” he explained. “Because Uncharted 4 is more of 1, 2, and 3.”

Finally, Hines teased what Fallout 4 and Skyrim developer Bethesda Game Studios is going to make next. “Whether it’s Fallout or Elder Scrolls or whatever they’re gonna do next, I think their mantra is always we really gotta step up our game,” he said.