Hideo Kojima Has No Plans On Returning To The Horror Genre

There are some truly terrifying video games available in the market today and behind each one of those incredibly horrifying titles is a team of masterminds who put it together. One of the classic franchises that is highly looked upon for its ability to send a chill down gamers spines is Silent Hill.

This franchise hasn’t seen much movement lately from Konami, in fact, the last installment to be in the works came from Hideo Kojima. This production didn’t get very far, but instead received a playable teaser known as P.T. in which gamers were able to fully reveal the upcoming title Silent Hills, a video game being headed by Hideo Kojima.

The teaser really showed that Hideo Kojima has the ability to create a horror video game title. Unfortunately, since its cancellation, it doesn’t look like Hideo Kojima will be returning to the genre anytime soon.

In a past interview, Hideo Kojima revealed that the current project he is working on, Death Stranding, will not fall into the horror genre. Now during an interview with IGN, we’re finding out just why the famed developer doesn’t hold a desire to return towards a creepy atmosphere.

“I get scared very easily. Actually, this is true of Alfred Hitchcock as well as Steven Spielberg. Because they scare easily, because I scare easily, it’s actually easy for us to make something that is scary, because we understand what is scary.

But while in that process, we’re constantly imagining, like, terrifying situations so it ends up giving me bad dreams. That’s the reason why I don’t want to make a horror game.”

To put it simply, the genre is scary and that’s not something Hideo Kojima enjoys. Within the interview, Kojima stated his dislike of being scared and during his time with Silent Hills, he was developing bad dreams simply because he is easily scared. This is also a benefit as Kojima also feels that his ability to be scared easily has allowed him to understand what is scary and from that, he can deliver a solid horror title.

Perhaps in time that may change and we can get another horror title from Hideo Kojima. In the meantime, we’ll have to wait to enjoy his current production, Death Stranding, when it eventually launches for the PlayStation 4.