Sea of Thieves 8 Minute Gameplay Trailer Released

Previously we haven’t had much information surrounding the Microsoft xxclusive, Sea of Thieves, but we have had an inclining towards what the game looks like. Now we finally have a more in-depth showcases of the mechanics we can expect and how they are will be put into place.

With the game entering into Alpha, we should see more and more footage pop up, starting with this 8-minute gameplay.

So far we can see players exploring vast open seas, using mapwork dynamics for treasure hunting, making enemies and playing some sweet tunes on the accordion.

What do you think of this exclusive so far? Personally, I am amped to be playing a Pirate game with realistic dynamics like cannon warfare, patching up boats. While Sea of Thieves does not have an official release date, it’s expected it will be revealed during this year’s E3.