Dead Rising 4 to Receive Street Fighter Costumes and a New Difficulty Next Week


Dead Rising 4 hasn’t performed as well as developers thought, but this hasn’t stopped Capcom from pushing through to clasp onto the player base. Next week Dead Rising 4 will be receiving a new difficulty and 4 new outfits from Street Fighter so Frank West can dress up as Zangief, M. Bison, Guile or even Cammy.

The harder difficulty will entail reduced health pack effectively, faster weapon break time and enemies dealing more damage, essentially just a stat change regarding this difficulty.

Capcom will also be releasing a free trail mode, whereby players who are looking at trying out the game will be able to play it story or multiplayer for an hour and also allows you to earn Achievements that will carry over into the full game along with your save files. The trial will be available on January 31st.