Medal of Honor Warfighter Seal Team 6 Combat Training Video Highlights the Point Man

In the second part of Danger Close's Seal Team 6 Combat Training videos, they now focus on the Point Man.

As was the case with the Sniper video, a voice electronically garbled out talks about how being a Tier 1 Point Man assists his team. He normally is the one in the forefront of the squad pointing out entrances, routes and more to his team…yeah, I guess that's where they got the moniker, no?

Interestingly enough, the video doesn't show much gameplay but the real-life scenes of Tier 1 Operators breaching and clearing a room is worth a look for any FPS or shooter fan. 

The narrator also mentions that the Point Man carries/uses bolt cutters, explosives and other items at his disposal to breach doors. Hopefully, this sort of dynamic gameplay can be seen in the actual game, too, no? 

Medal of Honor Warfighter ships on October 23 for the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.