Guild Wars 2 Trading Post Glitch Causes Players to Lose Money

Guild Wars 2

Like many other massively multiplayer online games, Guild Wars 2 has its very own auction house service called the Trading Post. Players can put up items for sale and bid on items others have placed on the service. It’s like an eBay for Guild Wars 2.

The service was placed online a few days after the game’s release and has seen its share of problems since then, most of which have been minor—at least until now. The system has been bugging out for some players—their posts incorrectly listed or in some cases, losing their purchases completely. In very rare cases, players have even reported losing large amounts of their money after successfully bidding on an item which disappeared when they tried to put it into their inventory.

A forum thread on the official Guild Wars 2 forum highlights some of the problems players have been having with the Trading Post, with many complaining about losing their items or being unable to trade their goods.

One user posted an accompanying screenshot detailing how the Trading Post looks on his computer:

Trading Post Glitch Guild Wars 2

ArenaNet has acknowledged the issue on its Twitter account and has, since then, taken the Trading Post offline to investigate the problem.

Players who’ve lost items or money are encouraged to open a support ticket with ArenaNet to reclaim their goods.