Hideo Kojima Explains His Views Over New Studio

We’ve been left in quite a bit of mystery surrounding Hideo Kojima’s new upcoming IP, Death Stranding. The first title to come out of his new studio Kojima Productions may keep us guessing as to what gamers may be up against upon release, Hideo Kojima didn’t have any problem going over his new studio during an interview with IGN.

The famed developer and creator behind the Metal Gear video game franchise spoke with IGN as the publication toured the studio and also managed to reach out to other key members of the studio. It’s within this tour that Hideo Kojima revealed that the idea behind his studio was to create less of a traditional work office, but rather a club.

His journey within the game industry has shaped him into the man he is today and in his views, creating Kojima Productions was all about creating a home atmosphere. The entire studio was created with a hundred people in mind and it’s here that the developer sought after a closeness type vibe.

Even within the video, IGN spoke with developers who admitted that Kojima Productions was a laid back atmosphere where anyone can get up and talk to anyone rather than seeing a place as structured with red tape and higher-ups unreachable.

With only a hundred people working within Kojima Productions, there are new challenges that the development studio must hurdle. However, with fewer people at the helm when it comes to the production of Death Stranding ultimately means more dedication and having folks truly believe in what their producing.

So far Death Stranding doesn’t have an official premise for gamers to read through. Instead, you can take a look at the latest trailer for the video game down below. Likewise, the video game doesn’t have an official release date attached quite yet, but it will be arriving for the PlayStation 4 platform.