Battleborn Now Has PS4 Pro Support, Winter Update Brings New Support and Features

Still playing Battleborn? No? Yes? Well, 2K and Gearbox have been working hard at bringing a new update to coax players back into the game, the “Winter Update” will bring a host of new features and PS4 Pro support to the game.

Although we have previously known most of the features of the new update, the devs are bringing even more than previously discussed. Alongside a UI overhaul and visual enhancements, the game has just gained PS4 Pro support.

The game will also receive a performance boost regardless of if you are a PS4 Pro player or a regular player.

To read the list of all the changes, click here.

“The Battleborn Winter Update is here, and boy is it massive! Players will experience brand new training modes, pick/ban draft mode, a user interface overhaul, player Command Rank cap increases, and of course, PS4 Pro support!

With so many additions, improvements, and adjustments, no part of Battleborn was left untouched by this update. In the words of Gearbox Software Producer Chris Brock, “I’ve been at Gearbox for 10 years and this is the craziest update we’ve ever done!”