New Fire Emblem Game is Heading to the Switch; Expected in 2018

Nintendo teased earlier tonight during the Fire Emblem Direct presentation, that a Fire Emblem title will be making its way to the Switch.

The game will be separate from the recently announced 3DS game, Fire Emblem Echoes and it will be more action-oriented like Fire Emblem Warriors. Not much is known about the upcoming game, but it is said to release sometime in 2018.

new fire emblem

A statement made from Nintendo PR to GameSpot states that this upcoming game will be the first time since Fire Emblem Radiant Dawn that a new mainline game is being developed for a home Nintendo console.

“For the first time since Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn on the Wii console in 2007, a new mainline game in the series is being developed for a Nintendo home system, with the ability to also be played on the go! The new game is scheduled to launch in 2018.”

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