Report — Switch Won’t Support Multimedia Functions at Launch

A new report has just surfaced and it seems to be that Nintendo’s upcoming console, the Switch, will not support multimedia functions, including a Netflix app, at launch.

The report comes from Business Insider where Nintendo’s Kit Ellis stated that the console is primarily a gaming machine so don’t expect it to replace your other devices such as an iPad.


The Switch isn’t going to replace your iPad — it’s a dedicated gaming machine to the point where it won’t have many multimedia functions at launch, Nintendo’s Kit Ellis told me. Don’t plan to watch Netflix on the Switch, for instance.

This technically doesn’t mean that the Switch won’t support Netflix at a later date, however, at launch it will be absent. Since the Wii U and 3DS support the widely used app, I wouldn’t be too surprised if the app makes its debut on the Switch at a later time.

The Switch is scheduled to release on March 3 for $299.