SPOILERS AHEAD: Resident Evil 7’s Ending

Resident Evil 7 isn’t due out for another week, but the internet has become a messy place for fans looking to pick up the copy – especially since CAPCOM has been so secretive around the game.

There has already been news on in-game screenshots, leaked trophy list, and the game itself leaking across the middle east – so naturally the ending would shortly follow.

On Reddit you can find the entire story synopsis and images and gifs surrounding the final big reveal – I’m not kidding clicking those links will make or break your purchase, so if you would rather like to suspend yourself in agony until the game comes out next week, DON’T CLICK THE LINKS.

In all honesty, it’s pretty sad to see how retailers have already started selling the game to fans, knowing that the game has been hidden in the dark for so long as a means to surprise it’s audience, especially since a game takes so long to develop, it’s not an easy job keeping it quiet.