Black Ops 2 Elite Details Dropping Soon

An announcement of an announcement. I'm sorry.

Today, the Call of Duty Elite Twitter announced that new details surrounding Black Ops' 2 integration of Call of Duty Elite are slated to drop next month.

For those not in the know, Elite is the special system developed for Call of Duty that has a yearly subscription fee. For the price of 50 dollars a year–less than most new console games–players are given access to a wide assortment of statistics and information that is meant to improve performance, as well as social-network-type options. The system was developed after Battlelog, which was Battlefield 3's take on social-network + statistics service.

Still, it's surprising that the service remained 360, PS3 and smartphone-only: don't social networks scream PC? Well, at least there's still Facebook integration.

In any case, what we can concretely gleam from this announcement is that Activision plans to support Elite further, which is good news for those who have already purchased it or enjoy its services. The hardcore should also be happy, as Elite provided the type of information that any FPS-serious gamer would want to look at to play better.

Hopefully, Activision expands on what the service currently offers in order to make it more enticing for those who don't have it yet, and those that are thinking about renewing. Black Ops 2 is bound to have some new stuff in it that would warrant new features. Perhaps the service would be available for PC players? One can dream.