Winner of Smash Wii U Tournament Awarded Gigantic Cup Noodles

Upon emerging victorious at the 2GGC: Genesis Saga event for Super Smash Bros. on Nintendo Wii U, Professional Smash player Gonzalo Barrios (ZeRo) was awarded a humongous Nissin cup noodles in addition to a bounty of approximately $3,500 USD.

The eSports event, which was originally held on January 14 in Santa Ana, California was sponsored by news website Foodbeast and the Japanese instant noodle manufacturing company Nissin. A total of 477 attendees were present during the competition.

ZeRo placed first in the Wii U singles competition from a pool of 466 applicants, defeating komorikiri by a margin of 3-1. ZeRo also took out third position in the Wii U doubles, which had 93 teams entered. As of January 2017, ZeRo is ranked no. 1 in the global Smashboards. His win in the singles competition means he is now eligible to enter the 2GG Championship, Genesis 4, which is set to take place this January 20-22 at the San Jose Convention Centre, California.