Leaving Lyndow Probes the Mind of a Young Scientist, Awakens a Journey

From the same development team behind Eastshade comes Leaving Lyndow, a first-person exploration adventure which takes place within the same universe yet tells a completely different story. Described as a peaceful experience, Leaving Lyndow puts players in charge of a bright young scientist called Clara, who has just completed her studies and is finally ready to join the Guild of Maritime Exploration. There’s just one problem – it might be a one way trip.

Join Clara on her last day at home, examine objects scattered around the natural environments, take part in mini-games to unlock further insights into her story, and have conversations with family and friends. Leaving Lyndow promises a short, linear, play at your own pace style of gameplay, and is currently in the middle of a greenlight campaign over on Steam, but still needs your vote.

Leaving Lyndow is scheduled to release on February 8, 2017 for PC, at a price of $3.99 USD.