New Fan Made Star Wars Game Unveiled

We will find it surprising to see this project last much longer before it’s killed off but take a look at this new fan made Star Wars video game. The project is being worked on by one person, Etienne Beschet, who is a freelance game artist.

The post was unveiled on Art Station, where Etienne showed off his creations so far, though he admits in his posting that being a side project and the only person working on it, updates will be more chaotic than regular. So far the temporary title given is Star Wars – Redemption, and it was inspired by the Star Wars Clone Wars animated series.

While inspired by the Clone Wars, this project may take place anywhere between Star Wars Episode II and Star Wars Episode V. Lastly, there seems to also be an indication that the project is currently being leaned towards a video game medium, but a web series is not out of the question.

Take a look at the official posting down below along with the screenshots shared thus far.

“Star Wars – Redemption is the temporary title I’ve found for a fanmade project inspired mostly by the clone wars TV series and, of course, star wars universe. At the beginning it was just about a jedi in a clone outfit and the more I spend time on it, the more thing are added to this base concept. So instead of having one project per artwork, I’ll add all things about it here. As it’s a fan project I don’t spend the time I’d want on it, the evolution will be chaotic in terms of regularity ^^ Sorry in advance =)

The project may take place between Ep2 & Ep5 or more, I’m not done yet with the story. The final platform is still unknown, for now I’m more in favor of a video game than a web series.”