Halo Mega Bloks Gameplay Emerges Online

There has been a ton of great looking or sounding video game titles that were cancelled and never released into the market. One of those titles that finally has gameplay leaked online was Halo Mega Bloks. The video game title was cancelled back in 2013 after being in development for the Xbox 360 and now that we have some gameplay footage of the title, we’re left wondering just why the title would have been killed off.

The video game title was being worked on by development team n-Space and thanks to a source of YouTube channel Past to Present Online, we now have gameplay footage of the prototype for what was being dubbed as Haggar.

Not much information is known so far about the video game though the founder of Past to Present Online, Andrew Borman, does a pretty good job covering the title’s creation and downfall. Unfortunately for us, the gameplay looked relatively fun and could have been a well-received spin-off of Microsoft’s crown jewel of exclusives.

From what is known so far about the project, the video game title would have had lighter gameplay narrative, co-op gameplay, and a horde mode. The development team that was working on the project has since closed their doors and Microsoft is tight-lipped about the cancelled title.

Perhaps with the newly leaked footage of the game could spark interest within Microsoft to release a Mega Bloks spinoff of their Halo franchise. For now, take a look at the gameplay footage within the Past to Present Online video posted above and some gameplay screenshots down below.