Top 10 UK Sales, Call of Duty Still Leads the Pack

Chart Tracker has released its information on the first week of sales for 2017 Рand what do you know, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is still ahead of everyone else starting 2017 as it ended 2016, beating FIFA 17 to the top of the UK physical sales chart.

FIFA 17 is still at No.2 although its sales have been down by 72% according to sales monitor Chart-Track.

GTA V still continues to sell well even though the game released 3 years ago coming at No. 3, followed by the WW1 Title Battlefield 1 coming in at 4 and the racing title Forza coming in at No. 5.

The week ending January 7 is Infinite Warfare’s eighth week at No. 1, suggesting strong sales since its disappointing opening week. GTA V, meanwhile, has sold over six million copies in the UK alone, and Forza Horizon 3 was the best-selling racing game of 2016, according to Microsoft.

Here is the full list, just take note that the stats only account for physical sales and not digital.