H1Z1: Just Survive Free DLC Features Alpaca Backpack, Fans Left Unimpressed

Daybreak Game Company’s massively multiplayer adventure H1Z1 has received free DLC in the form of an alpaca backpack, but for disgruntled Steam users, the move comes across as “cheap and dishonest”. The open world survival game became mired in controversy ever since players were charged for purchasing DLC after being promised the game would not follow a pay to win model. Daybreak eventually dropped the subscription plans after fans objected.

H1Z1: Just Survive’s latest batch of DLC is a cosmetic pack that contains one skin which can be used to alter a character’s in-game appearance. Naturally, the DLC requires the base game H1Z1: Just Survive in order to be used, which has left many fans questioning why the alpaca backpack wasn’t just included as a free update within H1Z1: Just Survive instead.

A quick scan through the Steam page reviews also reveals concerned feedback over the game’s recent updates, with players claiming it is “no longer supported” properly.


Source: Daybreak Game Company