Experimental Game Collection Bamboo EP Sprouts Onto Steam

Dutch video game group Sokpop Collective recently released an experimental game called Bamboo EPIn it, players will be able to try their hand at three different casual games: Bamboo Ball, Bamboo Heart, and Bamboo Moon, all of which feature unique interpretations of bamboo.

Bamboo Ball is a digital dodgeball with singleplayer and co-op modes, set during the four seasons. It also comes with “dabbing snowmen”. Described as an interactive title screen, Bamboo Moon lets you explore an aqueous surface of a moon, encounter frogs, fish, and other secrets to uncover. Bamboo Heart on the other hand delivers a side-scrolling 2D slice-’em-up, which stars a swordfighter on a quest to find his heart. It comes with six bosses, six unlockable characters and unlockable skills.

Bamboo EP is out now on Steam for $5.99 USD. The games are compatible with keyboard but are best played with controllers. Follow Sokpop Collective on Twitter for news on their latest games.