Watch Dogs 2’s First DLC Pack Releases For PS4, Plus a New In-Game Event

Last week, Ubisoft broke the news to Watch Dogs 2 fans that the game’s first DLC pack was delayed due to multiplayer issues related to the mode’s seamless online experience not working. However, the publisher and developer have officially launched the first piece of Watch Dogs 2 DLC for PlayStation 4.

Watch Dogs 2 add-on centers around T-Bone (aka Raymond Kenney) and its official name is the T-Bone Content Bundle. PC and Xbox One players will receive this DLC bundle on January 24th 2017.

There are no single player missions included with the T-Bone Content bundle. However, there is a new Mayhem co-op challenge, a new Grenadier enemy type, T-Bone’s signature clothes, and even a modded school bus vehicle.

Ubisoft has created a new in-game event in celebration of the launch of the first DLC pack for Watch Dogs 2. The T-Bone Chaos Challenge has officially gone live today. The event will have players taking part in a series of time events such as completing bounties, taking on co-op missions, undertaking specific types of enemy assassinations, and much more. Each yields rewards such as a new car skin or in-game currency.

Watch Dogs 2 fans on PlayStation 4 who own the game’s Season Pass should be able to access all of the content in the T-Bone Bundle right now. However, as a standalone purchase, the DLC currently costs a reasonable $7.