The Division Will be Free on a PC Near You (But Just This Weekend)

It’s time to start looking for that little book or document where you kept all your old passwords and email addresses because you’re going to need it. Ubisoft has announced that The Division will be having a free-to-play weekend this weekend, and you can be part of it, provided you have your Uplay password of course.

The Division was one of the most popular games this year, and it feels like almost everyone has played it, so if you haven’t played it yet or you got rid of your first copy (no idea why anyone would do such a thing), here is your opportunity to make up for your sins.

Ubisoft is making it free on PC via Uplay from December 15th to December 18. The trial (unfortunately) does not include Season Pass content but will have all the free content updates released since launch, so those of you who traded your original copy will get to play all the updates you missed out on.  If you decide you want the full game forever, all your progress from the trial will carry over to The Division on PC. The Division will be 50% off on the Uplay Store, as well.