Batman: Return to Arkham Receives PS4 Pro Patch, Performance Issues Improved

Those who are having a tough time playing Batman: Return to Arkham will be happy to hear that WB has issued a new patch. In addition, there is now an official PS4 Pro patch, which will take advantage of the recently released console.

The patch notes announced via a forum post, state that the patch includes visual upgrades, stability, and more. This will effect both titles in the remaster — Arkham Asylum and Arkham City. Check out the detailed notes down below:

Today we released an update for Batman: Return to Arkham that will add visual upgrades for the PS4 Pro, as well a variety of performance and stability improvements. The PS4 Pro updates will provide increased visual fidelity for those playing the game on a PS4 Pro console.

Other improvements addressed by the update include:
• Performance / hitching issues have been improved for a more smooth and consistent framerate.
• Intermittent crashing issues have been addressed to provide improved gameplay stability.

Batman: Return to Arkham

Arkham City launched with an unlimited frame rate, meaning that if played on the Pro, players could be getting 50+ frames per second. However, when the frame rate would dip to 25-30 the frame rate stutter was more obvious than ever, giving players an unstable game.

The latest patch brings plenty of needed fixes to the title, but now with a capped 30 frames per second for Arkham City, players will hopefully be able to play the game at a more stable frame rate.