Realm of the Wood Elves is Total War: Warhammer’s Biggest DLC to Date


To celebrate the release of Realm of the Wood Elves, a brand new gameplay trailer showcasing the unique playstyle of the Wood Elves in both campaign and battle. Wood Elves are swift and deadly, fielding many “glass cannon” style units. Although they are less physically robust than most other races and have smaller unit sizes, they make up for this with excellent melee and range capabilities. Their skills as archers are unparalleled, and can be upgraded with a range of specialized ammunition.

There is also a wealth of free content being released for players old and new. Two new heroes, the Grey Wizard and Jade Wizard, as well as their corresponding lores of magic, the Lore of Shadows and Lore of Life, have been made available to all players absolutely free. In addition, owners of Call of the Beastmen will receive a new free Legendary Lord – Morghur the Shadowgave, along with a new and deadly flying unit, the Harpies.

All of the features that are packed into this expansive DLC are:

  • New Wood Elves Race in the Grand Campaign
  • New additional Racespecific currency: Amber
  • Wonderbased Campaign victory condition 
  • Wood Elves may conquer any region on the map 
  • Two New Playable Legendary Lords: Orion and Durthu
  • Two new Lord types with deepspecialisation skill trees
  • Three new Hero types with deepspecialisation skill trees
  • Comprehensive Wood Elves army roster 
  • Adds an additional campaign map to the game with the unique ‘Season of Revelations’, Wood Elves story Campaign 
  • New Unique Monsters, Heroes, Magic and Game Features

Total War: WARHAMMERRealm of The Wood Elves is out now on Steam at  For more details visit