Hilarious MGSV clip of Badass Norman Reedus and Kojima dancing in the rain


I’ve never played a Metal Gear solid title (I know, it haunts me every day), but when I see a trending video of Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus having an emotional dance with MGS Creator Hideo Kojima, I couldn’t help but indulge:

The clip is created by Solidcal Modding a YouTuber who replaced the models of Quiet who dances in the rain with Big Boss – Quiet being Norman and Big Boss being Kojima.

If you are wondering what the relationship between these two are and why Solidcal Modding modded specifically Norman and Kojima frolicking together through the rain – it is a nod towards the upcoming title Death Stranding which is being developed by Kojima Productions, who is placing the ever-so-cool Norman Reedus as the Leading man.

I look forward to seeing this relationship bloom!