Death Stranding Will Run on Decima Engine, Same as Horizon Zero Dawn

This weekend, Hideo Kojima brought tons of news of his upcoming game, Death Stranding to both The Game Awards and PSX 2016. First, he debuted the mind-bending cinematic trailer, which people and still trying to figure out; and more recently he announced the engine he chose to make Death Stranding on.

Kojima Productions landed on the Decima Engine from Guerrilla Games. It is, in fact, the same engine that Guerilla Games next title, Horizon Zero Dawn runs on. Earlier today, PS4 system architect Mark Cerny and Guerilla Games director Hermen Hulst took the stage at a PSX panel to explain what the engine can do.

Death Stranding

“The Decima engine is not just about rendering,” according to Hulst, citing its handling of AI, physics, logic, and the “entire world creation suite.” Kojima also noted that the Decima engine is “very appropriate for work on open worlds,” which he said Death Stranding is going to be.

There is still a lot of questions to be had with Kojima’s next game, but we have a couple answered so that’s more than we can ask for. Kojima urges fans to keep watching the trailer and listen to the lyrics as they will have clues and secrets about the game hidden within them.

Death Stranding is an exclusive PS4 title, no release window announced as of yet.