Dauntless is the Majestic, World-Shattering Action RPG From Blizzard & BioWare Veterans

Independent Studio Phoenix Labs has lifted the lid on their exciting new action-RPG Dauntless at The Game Awards. The game will involve hunting ferocious behemoths and exploring a series of magic, floating islands that evolve with time.


Players will be able to forge a vast array of weapons including an iron hammer and shrike sword, as well as create the ultimate defence through drask armour. In addition, team hunting expeditions will offer the opportunity to unleash devastating attack combos against the relentless beasts, using the cataclysmic power of the aether.

Phoenix Labs is composed of a team of industry veterans, hailing from companies like Riot Games, BioWare and Blizzard. The studio is headed by Jesse Houston, former League of Legends senior designer, who shares his thoughts on making Dauntless an appealing title for players:

“We’ve taken inspiration from games like Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, and World of Warcraft to create a new, gripping gaming experience.”

The game’s trailer features an energetic, symphonic style orchestral soundtrack and a band of semi-realistic heroes uniting against a gigantic winged beast.

Dauntless is due for release in 2017 for PC. It will be a free to play title. Interested players can sign up for the beta via the official website.