Starcraft 2 gets a Makeover

The latest patch for Starcraft 2 is upon us. Patch 3.8.0 brings many changes to both multiplayer and single-player aspects of the game.

From a single player’s perspective, the patch brings with it the last mission pack for Nova Covert Ops. Apparently, this new pack includes a whole lot of new tech for players to use on their enemies, as well as ends off the Nova storyline.

The addition of “Miner Evacuation” as a new co-op mission is also a significant feature of this patch. The mission entails players needing to extract miners on a planet overrun with infected units. Players will need to guard the shuttles while passengers are loaded on, and then find a way to leave the planet safely.

The multiplayer revamp is phenomenal and includes numerous changes. Three of the biggest changes include: the Cyclone has been redesigned as a front-line anti-armor damage dealer, the Battlecruiser energy bar has been replaced with separate 71-second ability cooldowns, and the Siege Tank has been made slightly more powerful, but also more complicated by increasing the micro required to lift it with Medivacs.

This patch looks like it’s going to bring an all new gaming experience to Starcraft 2.