NieR: Automata Will Support PS4 Pro Enhancements


The PS4 version of NieR: Automata will come with a full suite of enhancements for players who own the newly released PS4 Pro.

According to Platinum Games producer Yosuke Saito, the title will make the leap to 60fps framerate and also offer improvements to its resolution. Saito did not clarify as to whether the game will run at 4K, but given their promise to have it running at 60fps, it’s doubtful that they’ll go beyond 1080p, given the hardware limitations.

The game may also be released on the Xbox One, but Saito declined to confirm that rumor. For now, you’ll have to own a PC or PS4 to play the game. Their decision to release the game on the platform will depend entirely on how well it sells on other platforms.

NieR: Automata is the sequel to NieR, a cult-classic for the PS3 and Xbox 360, and puts players in the role of a female android. It’s coming out for the PS4 and PC on February 23, 2017.