Team Fortress 2 Adds New Halloween-Themed Content


After a long battle to keep gamers appealed to Team Fortress 2 after the release of Overwatch, the development team has added brand new content to the game in celebration for Halloween. Known as Scream Fortress VIII, the new and past content featured for the Halloween season will be available starting today through November 9, 2016.

There’s a series of new content that gamers can partake in this time around such as the new maps which are Brimstone, Pit of Death, and Maple Ridge Event. Additionally, gamers will find that bumper car taunts will be making a return after first being introduced to Team Fortress 2’s 2014 Halloween celebration.

Other content gamers will find is magic want taunts, new crates, and keys which will give gamers an extra chance to double an unusual effect toward their cosmetic item. Lastly, there was notice of new costume items in general such as a chicken hat for the scout, Hawaiian shirt for the Heavy, along with making the medic bare-chested.

With so many gamers taking interest in Overwatch since its release, we’re interested in seeing just how many gamers will return to Team Fortress 2 in order to partake in this year’s Halloween-themed celebration. Regardless, for the consistent base of players, we’re sure this will be an event that will be enjoyed.