First Episode Now FREE for Minecraft: Story Mode


An end to an era is upon us, as far as one of the Telltale Games series is concerned. Minecraft: Story Mode is getting a Complete Edition within this next week, meaning you can play through it all in one go. The first episode of the series “the Order of the Stone” is available for free on Windows 10 PC, iOS and Android, Playstation Network for PS4 and PS3, and also the Xbox Games Store in the case of the Xbox One and Xbox 360. Basically it’s free everywhere. To compensate for this: the Season Pass, Adventure Pass, and Season Pass Deluxe have all gotten discounts in their pricing.

If you don’t know what the game is about, let this new video clue you in on that.

The male/female protagonist named Jesse goes on a quest with their mates to try and stop the Wither Storm. Episode 1 has Jesse, Olivia, Axel, and their pet pig Reuben enter the Endercon building competition, and manage to build a formidable entry this year against their rivals the Ocelots. Angry at this, a member of the Ocelots sabotages Jesse’s team and causes their pet pig to run off. Landing themselves in a sticky situation with mobs, Jesse is saved by his pal Petra, who wants his help selling a Wither Skull for a diamond. But the man they were trying to sell it to turns out to be a con artist, and absconds with the skull. This man, Ivor, turns out to be making a Wither Storm creature, and it attacks the building competition and creates havoc in the town. The Order of the Stone’s Gabriel manages to hold the beast off for a little while, while Jesse and his friends escape in the Nether world. In Episode 2, Jesse uses a magical amulet that Gabriel gave him to find the Order of the Stone headquarters, and they manage to locate the other members of the organization. After hunting down Magnus or Ellegaard, they discover the location of another member, Soren. He’s being approached by other member named Ivor. In Episode 3, they locate Soren. But Magnus and Ellegaard get into an argument that leads Jesse to have a run-in with Ivor. After fleeing from that, they manage to locate Soren’s house where he studies the Enderman. The Wither Storm attacks the group, and Jesse uses a Formidi-Bomb to destroy it and free the victims the monster ate. In Episode 4, the Wither Storm reforms and forces the group to escape. They find Ivor, and he offers to help kill the beast’s control block via a book of enchantments he has in his Far Lands house. It turns out an Ender Dragon battle that made the Order of the Stone famous was a fraudulent situation, and that’s why Ivor made the Wither Storm in the first place. Jesse makes a weapon, enters the Wither Storm and destroys their control block. The act makes him and his friends the New Order of the Stone.

The second half of the series has a bunch of portals that loosely strings the narrative together. There’s a Sky City, some YouTubers, and a sentient computer named PAMA. If you’re into that sort of thing, this game is definitely for you.

Minecraft: Story Mode – The Complete Adventure is coming out to North American consoles on October 25th, and on the 28th in Europe. The retail disc for all 8 episodes is planned to come to PC sometime in the future. To learn more about the game, check out the website, Twitter, and Facebook for it.