Now Available: Oh My Gore!


Halloween wouldn’t be complete without a bloody video game experience, now would it? Daedalic Entertainment and bumblebee. have come together to release a game called Oh My Gore!, a tower defense strategy game. See what it’s all about in the new trailer they’ve put out for it.

You take on the role of Raelius, God of War, as he stamps out his bloody journey of revenge. You take command of servants who have magic attacks and forces of evil on their side, in a pursuit of dominating the empire of Eridia. The campaign has 20 different levels across 3 different varieties of difficulty. There’s 6 hero characters that come equipped with their own spells and have elite units accompanying them. These new heroes are unlocked by completing quests, and the fulfillment of optional challenges involving secondary objectives and time-limits helps to further increase your power. The game has random events and other encounters to keep your armies on their feet to what lurks out there in the environment. A Level Editor with Steam Workshop support is expected sometime “bloody soon,” according to the developer. If you like the soundtrack, you have the option of purchasing a copy of that as well.

Oh My Gore! is available now on PC. To learn more about the game, visit the website, Twitter, and Facebook for it.