Festival of the Lost Comes to Destiny: Rise of Iron, Adds New Gun Ornaments

Destiny players who are currently enjoying Rise of Iron will be able to enjoy Halloween this year. Last year, fans celebrated the event through the Festival of the Lost event, which allowed players to dress up in a variety of masks (that had no stats). It wasn’t anything special. The masks will be returning again this year, but they won’t be the only things in store for players to check out.

Thanks to the improvements to the game’s customization system, players will now be able to equip some of their weapons with exotic ornaments unique to the Festival of the Lost event.

A redditor going by TheDrock21 dug up discovered some new masks for players to equip with the release of the game’s new 2.4.1 update, which dropped yesterday. Players can wear papier mache masks that resemble SIVA, Wolf, Lost Prince, and Aksis.

The exciting part comes from the addition of new ornaments for exotic guns including Bad Juju, Thorn, Red Death, The Last Word, and Black Spindle. Presently, none of these weapons have ornaments.

It is possible to preview these new gun ornaments if you have them in your inventory, but here’s an imgur gallery by GosutiiForever in any case.

New Exotic Ornaments

The ornaments will be unavailable until the Festival of the Lost event happens, Bungie states: