Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope Now On Early Access


Croteam and Devolver Digital area ready to take you into the Serious Sam universe like never before. You want to experience virtual reality action? They’re ready to deliver that for the HTC Vive and the Oculus Rift. Check out what’s in store for you with the game’s newest trailer.

So what’s the game about? Serious Sam VR takes the experience of fighting alien hordes into the palm of your hands. You’ll relive the legendary experiences of Earth Defense Force’s Sam Stone, and see why he’s such a badass. The game runs on something called Serious Engine 4.5, which allows a lot of enemies on the screen at once. To deal with this horde of bad guys, you have an arsenal of weapons (lasers, shotguns, chainsaws) available from the get-go, with more being added throughout updates. The Early Access version has two planets with four locations each, but you can expect more to be added over time. Player skill trees and different difficulty modes are also in the works for the game’s future.

Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope is available now on the HTC Vive via Steam’s Early Access program. The timetable is to have the game ready for full release in six months. To keep in the loop, check out the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.