See Killing Floor 2 in Action on PS4 Pro


Want high octane zombie shooting action on your console? You’re in luck. Killing Floor 2 is going to have the PS4 Pro treatment on launch day, as we now know back during the announcement of the console upgrade last month. What that means is – the game’s textures will be able to reach “ultra” level of quality due to the extra memory available to work with. HDTVs will get supersampled gameplay and high FPS, while 4K TVs will benefit from checkboard rendering at a 3200 by 1800 resolution. It’s best seen for yourself. Thanks to the development team over at Tripwire, there’s new action footage for you to see.

The Zed creatures from Killing Floor 2 have taken Europe by storm, and the player’s job here is to fight back against the hordes. They come at you in waves, and the more you complete,  the tougher they become. A boss fight at the end of this ordeal signals the end of the waves. It’s a challenge that requires you and your friends to strategize on the battlefield, choosing the right weapons for the job and taking advantage of the environment are some of the things that’ll help you all pull through. But the harder you fight, the more experience points you haul in. You can spend those on an array of skills and perks that can give you a deadlier edge in combat.

Killing Floor 2 releases November 18th for PS4 and PC. You can try the title out on Early Access Steam today if you’re curious about it. For the latest information about the game, check out the website, Twitter, and Facebook.