Offworld Trading Company is on Sale for 66% Off


Now’s the best time to get in on Offworld Trading Company by Mohawk Games and Stardock. The game is 66% off on Steam for the next four days, so if you were waiting for a window of opportunity to try the title out, this is it. We’re not just talking the base game either. Both the Deluxe Edition and Gold bundle with all the DLC are affected by this deal.

In related news, there’s whispers of DLC for the game on the horizon. But nobody is saying much about that yet. Stay tuned.

It’s an extra-terrestrial type of strategy game where you biggest focus is making the most profitable enterprise you can on Mars. But you certainly aren’t the only one trying to make a name for themselves in this market. In this adventure of profiteering and colonization, you’ll need to get your hands dirty, as your competitors are scheming their way to success themselves. While you primarily focus on buying and selling your goods, you might be forced to betray and stab others in the back. The singleplayer campaign offers a fair and solid experience,  but the real chaos unfolds in multiplayer mode (that supports up to 8 players).

Offworld Trading Company is available now for PC and Mac. To learn more about the game, read up on their website, Twitter, and Facebook.