Now Available: Viking Squad


Many gamers who’ve been around a while will have fond memories of Castle Crashers. It was a cartoony medieval fighting game that managed to keep the pacing consistent and the gameplay fresh by having cooperative elements and aspects of the RPG genre mixed in with that. This new video game by Slick Entertainment seems to keep the same heart and soul of what Castle Crashers was aiming for. Viking Squad has you on a quest to reopen Valhalla and stop Loki the trickster.

The best way to play is with your mates. The game’s local and online co-op options make that go smoothly. All the characters you can play have their own personal fighting style, offering different ways to engage in combat. But regardless – the more you fight, the better gear and weapons you’ll acquire. So it’s all about just jumping on into the action of this lane based smack-down confrontation experience. Keep an eye out to the heavens, as the choice of god you worship in the game has an effect on the plights you’ll encounter.

Viking Squad is available now for PC and PS4. To learn more about the game, check out the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.