Fallout Shelter Update 1.8 is Thematic


When Fallout Shelter came around last Summer, people didn’t anticipate Bethesda’s plans that they’d keep the app updated long after Fallout 4 released. But here we are. The updates for Fallout Shelter have come out on a regular basis, and they’ve done more than just provide maintence and performance tune-ups. They’ve since added a crafting system, a whole host of customization options, pets, and even adventures outside the confines of the dweller’s vault home. With Update 1.8, the development team is continuing to deliver the goods.

The center focus of 1.8 is the Theme Workshop, which lets you make room themes based on the factions of Fallout 4. The Minutemen, the Institute, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Railroad all get representation here. To unlock the recipes, you’ll need to find them during quests. Speaking of which, 1.8 has a host of new quests to complete, and some of them are special events that commemorate the spooky Holidays. But you won’t even need to go on a quest to get in the spirit of the season, as outfits and seasonal themes will make their return to your vault starting this Halloween, and continue with Thanksgiving and Christmas. The fun continues even outside the Fallout Shelter app, as update 1.8 includes new iOS 10 iMessage stickers you can share with your friends.

Fallout Shelter is available now on mobile devices for iOS and Android. But you can also snag it on PC via the Bethesda Launcher.