Watch a Meteor Decimate Cities: Skylines in Natural Disasters Live

Paradox and Colossal Order will be previewing their upcoming expansion for Cities: Skylines in an upcoming livestream set to take place on October 6th. They’ll showcase Natural Disasters, the new expansion that adds several devastating disasters into the city-building simulator to challenge mayors everywhere.

This will be the first time that the expansion has been showcased anywhere, offering gamers a first glimpse at what the expansion has to offer.

On October 6th, 17:00 CEST, viewers can head on to the Paradox Interactive Twitch channel and watch their stream team and Colossal Order CEO Mariina Hallikainen as they deal with a comet gone rogue.

Here’s a teaser:

Buildings and infrastructure will be destroyed by a variety of disasters from fires to comets, and countless lives may be lost unless players implement the right emergency plans and responses and keep an ear on the new radio alert system. Fans of Cities: Skylines will also get to challenge their friends to out-mayor one another in the new Scenario Mode, where custom challenges can be designed and shared through Steam Workshop.