Be Big Brother in Beholder


In today’s surveillance age, a global concern is the notion that the government has intimate access to our personal lives. But what would you do if you were someone in that position of power? That’s an idea that Beholder by Warm Lamp Games (Russian development studio) wants to explore.

The core of gameplay has you taking the role of a landlord/spy of an apartment building. Your responsibility is keeping tabs on the lives of your tenants to make sure nobody is a threat to the state’s authority. With the power to choose who lives and who dies, you have to make decision of how to act on the personal profiles of these dwellers. The fate of these shadow people is your hands. Will you turn a blind eye on a man who is skirting the law to feed his family? Or will you milk him for cash, dangling your knowledge of his misdeeds in a blackmail extortion racket? Beholder is set to feature a colorfully interesting cast of folks, each with their own lives they lead and situations they’re in. Do you value what’s best for the state? Or do you set that aside to make sure you don’t lose your own soul in the process of spying on these characters? There’s a gameplay trailer as well if you want to see the title in action.

Beholder arrives this Autumn for PC and Mac. To learn more about the game, follow along over at the developer’s website, Twitter, and Facebook.