Anno 2205: Frontiers DLC is Now Available


Anno 2205 released by Ubisoft back in 2015 is a city-building/strategy sandbox game where you’re tasked with leading a futuristic colonization company to the top of the economic ladder. It’s a balancing act where you have to carefully address the needs and desires of your empire’s population, as you look onward towards expanding your technological and cultural reach to it’s furthest potential. You started out in a forest and grassland type of climate, moved on to dominating a tundra landscape, and eventually took on the surface of the moon and outer space. The key to victory was harnessing the potential resources as best as possible, and utilizing them in a way that maximized the benefits and returns to your people.

The final piece of DLC for Anno 2205 is named Frontiers, and it adds one last layer of new challenges to the experience. It’s worth noting that this DLC may not have been included with the game’s season pass, according to some comments.

There are three new sectors to develop projects on. Two of these are in the temperate regions: Madrigal Islands and Greentide Archipelago. They have the standard Anno vibe to them, but one of them is vital in unlocking the new Synthetic faction. These sentient machines demand high-level materials to function, but in return you get an array of new buildings and deeply efficient work force at your command. The last new sector is the Savik Province in the Arctic, and its home to a series of geysers that would suffice as a sturdy heat source to build outposts and settlements on. You’ll be able to test your regular sectors with military conflicts and other optional missions. In these scenarios you’ll need to take charge of your fleet to maintain your grasp on the trade routes you’ve built up, standing strong against your adversaries. Your rewards for these diligent efforts include new improvements and ornaments, that’ll be sure to add a sense of personality to your corporation’s cities.

Anno 2205 is available for PC, and the Ultimate Edition with all the DLC since the game’s initial release last year comes out on October 27th. To learn more about the game, check out their website, Twitter, and Facebook.