Endless Legend Tempest Expansion Launches This Month

Endless Legend is a turn-based 4X strategy video game, from developers Amplitude Studios, that launched back in September of 2014. Since its release into the market, Endless Legend has seen a number of expansions release, the latest being Tempest which will be launching later this month.

Tempest will be the fourth expansion which will have sea battles play a major role. Through naval battles, the development team Amplitude Studios has decided to bring in a new faction known as the Morgawr, which according to the post on the developer’s blog, will feature manipulation of other creatures.

“This expansion will introduce the Morgawr, an aquatic-based Major Faction specialized in naval warfare and manipulation of other creatures. Factions will now be able to fight for dominance of the oceans through the control of sea fortresses, although they will have to wrestle these from the grasp of the Fomorians, a new Minor Faction.

Naval battles for everyone! You will be able to battle on the seas. All seaborne units can instigate and reinforce sea battles. Exotic mechanics and tile effects spice up this new type of battle!

Ocean Control with Weather System: Arcane structures have emerged from beneath the waves: these Endless relics provide strategic and luxury resources as well as other bonuses to the empire able to control them. To do so, their mysterious guardians must be parlayed with or defeated in battle. The same guardians will patrol “wild” ocean regions, making them a lot less safe to cross without a convoy. Expect clouds, rain and storms to appear on your map.”

It’s also stated that there will be sea fortresses and a minor faction known as Fomorians. According to the press release that was sent over earlier today, Amplitude Studios will be launching Tempest on PC through Steam this October 14, 2016, for $12.99, though with those who pre-order the game they will receive a 25% discount.