Street Fighter V Celebrates Halloween With New Premium DLC

Street Fighter V’s latest update celebrates Halloween. The new DLC, which is available from October 11 to November 29 brings the spooky event into the game through a new theme for the Russian stage and seven new costumes.

Each costume pack costs $4 and includes ten color variants, just like all of the game’s future premium DLC costumes.

The new Russian stage, which must be purchased separately, can be seen decorated with  jack-o-lanterns, gravestones, and dancers in zombie makeup. This DLC costs $2 or 40k fight money, which you can earn just by playing.

I would’ve greatly preferred for the Halloween update to be free for everyone. It would’ve been a nice (trick or) treat. But I guess Capcom has to feed its employees. Expect them to release similar content for Christmas next.

Here’s what it looks like.