Serious Sam VR Heads to Steam

Croteam and publisher Digital Devolver have announced today that Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope now has a release date. It’s headed to the PC on October 17 and it supports the HTC Vive, with upcoming support for the Oculus Rift upon the release of the Oculus Touch controllers. It’ll cost $39.99 upon release and is now available for pre-order through Steam.

In Serious Sam VR: The Last Hope, players are transported to the first Mental War. Earth’s defense forces are crumbling under the hordes of the vicious Mental. According to the story so far, Mental managed to break the will of many nations by destroying the ancient shrines of the domestic people. A fearless EDF general, Sam ‘Serious’ Stone, is leading the resistance from the Battlecruiser Saratoga in a desperate attempt to save the galaxy.

For the first time in the series history, players will be able to immerse themselves in the role of Serious Sam in first person VR.

Get into the action immediately after choosing one of several missions, drop in and start wreckin’ faces. With new enemies and old favorites, players will pick up and master a variety of increasingly insane weaponry – this is serious business, after all. Use your power ups to navigate your skill tree to be the boldest, biggest and most virtual Sam you can be. Customize or upgrade your gear on the Saratoga battlecruiser in-between missions using in-game currency that has nothing to do with real-world currency.