Doom Soundtrack Now Available For Purchase & Streaming

When Doom released earlier this year it became a massive hit. The video game gave both veterans of the Doom franchise and new gamers into the series an addicting and action packed gameplay. One of the aspects that really tied the game together so nicely was the heavy soundtrack that played in the background and it has been requested by fans that the soundtrack would be available for purchase.

Today gamers are finally given the ability to pick up the heavy soundtrack on both iTunes and Google Play along with streaming the soundtrack in full through Spotify. Thanks to the composer of Mick Gordon who created, mixed, and produced the soundtrack, you can take the music on-the-go.

While the full soundtrack contains a total of thirty-one tracks which can range from being a few minutes long to under a minute, will run consumers about $10, those interested in select songs can also purchase individual tracks. Each track will be available for purchase just $1 on both iTunes and Google Play.

We’ve seen some video games released with fantastic soundtracks in the past, but Doom remains to be one of the best in terms of heavy music. With that said, we want to know, are you interested in the Doom soundtrack? Let us know by leaving a comment down below.