Metal and Flesh: What Is Known About Rise of Iron’s Mystery Quest


Metal and Flesh is one of the more mysterious entries in Rise of Iron’s new Record Book. This mission is given to the player by Shiro-4, but the conditions for receiving it are not yet clear. Sometimes it unlocks when you turn in bounties, but it may not be totally RNG-dependent like Exotic weapon bounties.

It seems to be that the players who have spent the most time in-game are those who seem to have received it. Perhaps you might have to hit a certain Light level or play through a specific amount of Rise of Iron content before it pops.

This mission is not standalone by any means. It is part of a greater questline called Wrath of the Machine, which is the name of the new raid. Given how many analogs there are between Rise of Iron and The Taken King (Dormant SIVA clusters to Calcified Fragments, just to name one), some players speculate that Metal and Flesh is the equivalent of Hunger Pangs, the quest that led the the Exotic scout rifle Touch of Malice in The Taken King.

Only two stages of Wrath of the Machine are available as of Destiny: Rise of Iron’s launch week.

  1. Metal and Flesh
  • Find and destroy the Devil Splicers leading the Fallen war in the Plaguelands.

    This step has three objectives:

    • Slay the Archpriest
    • Repair the Siege Engine
    • Slay Aksis

2. Speak with Shiro-4

  • Speak with Shiro-4 in the Iron Temple.

After this, Shiro-4 will send you off on various tasks that are not exactly related to this quest, but are definitely worth completing anyway. You can earn a SIVA Cache key, which you’ll want before you head into the Wrath of the Machine raid.