Stardock Launches Its Latest 4X Strategy Game Sorcerer King: Rivals Today

Stardock has announced the launch of its latest fantasy strategy game, Sorcerer King: Rivals, which is slated to go live on Steam at 1pm EST today.

The new game builds upon the mechanics of the first Sorcerer King, which we covered when it was released a couple of years back—almost two years ago to this date. The new title comes with a host of versatile campaign-creation tools, allowing players to develop their own storylines and strategy campaigns, and even RPG campaigns. The tools let you strip out the factions and city/unit building elements of Sorcerer King: Rivals and focus entirely on storybuilding and characters.

These creations can be easily shared through the Steam Workshop, so players can host them for others to enjoy. Included in the tool suite is a quest editor, map editor, tile editor, and everything else you might need to create a new campaign or a classic turn-based CRPG.

In Sorcerer King: Rivals, players take on the role of an individual who gains access to an artifact that, when powered with enough magic, will allow them to ascend to godhood. As such, players will find themselves battling against the original Sorcerer King, who’s also vying for total dominance of the realm—as well as the factions that attempted to stop his ascent in the first game.

Screenshots can be seen below.


Disclosure: I’ve known Brad Wardell, Sorcerer King’s creator, for many years. We have been in podcasts together.